So why should your shoes be?
QUANT-U takes you a step closer to customised comfort. Wearable sensors and 3D scanning technology measure your feet to form a unique digital profile. This profile is translated into your made-to-measure 3D printed silicone midsoles.


Everybody has their own walking pattern, this is referred to as our gait. It determines where propulsion and impact is most prominent in each foot. These are the two key areas QUANT-U midsoles focus on.

Propulsion is when we kick each foot off the ground. An overly cushioned material will cause the foot to sink into the midsole, requiring more effort to take each step. 

Impact is the loading of body weight onto each foot during every step. Walking exerts more force than our total body weight on the foot. This increases up to three times our body weight when running.

QUANT-U measures and analyses every step to create the optimal midsole to compliment the structure and gait of each foot. Optimal propulsion is maintained by enhancing the responsiveness of the silicone midsole. By customising the 3D printed structure of silicone midsoles we can cushion impact on the foot.  Silicone is both supportive and elastic to ensure force is transferred into the step, and not into the shoe.   

Cushioning, elasticity, and stability play key roles in the comfort of QUANT-U footwear. Because no two feet are the same.