The Next Step:

Thank you to everyone for following our journey so far. Through extensive subjective and laboratory testing, we believe QUANT-U to be a paradigm shift in footwear comfort and performance, offering unprecedented consumer-level biomechanical insights. We are now looking for the next round of participants to be part of a selected feedback group to extend our findings and in this case, Quant-Si customised midsoles and measuring service will be provided free of charge*. 

*(All participants are required to purchase a pair of Quant-U Flexure shoes prior to testing)

The Facts:

During lab testing, QUANT-U augmented footwear was shown to improve cushioning of up to 40%, mediate a wide range of foot stability issues, and optimize energy return in relation to the wearer's gait and build. All of this through the use of our own wearable platform in a data driven process easy to understand from a casual consumer to an expert orthopaedist point of view.

Over 5000 people experienced QUANT-U during our launch at W-21 in Amsterdam, Milan Design Week, Stockholm 3DExperience Forum Nordics, Shanghai ECCO Studio Store launch, and the Dassault Systemes chalet at the Farnborough Airshow.

More than 500 people have wear tested our footwear, both in a casual setting or in a lab.
99% found QUANT-U to be more comfortable than comparable footwear.

Now its your opportunity to experience QUANT-U and the benefits of 3D printed customised footwear..

If you would like to take part in the testing group please click below.

Please note that the number of available testing spots is very limited and that admission to the program is based on gender, age and shoe size.